7 Tips You'll Need to Find a Job in Sweden

Finding a job in Sweden can be hard, but here are some tips that will make things easier!

1) Network!

Unfortunately for newcomers, about 7 in 10 Swedish employers say they find new employees through networking. (Sounds bad, right?) But that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the game! Over 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn, and there are over 3 million LinkedIn users in Sweden. (over half the working population). In other words, use LinkedIn to your advantage! Create a great, complete LinkedIn profile, Connect with other Swedes and interesting LinkedIn groups,

Publish posts and articles relevant to your field. You’ll generate positive traffic and start engaging with other Swedes in the same field as you!

And if you would like a free LinkedIn profile evaluation, check out our website at, we’ll let you know where you can improve!

2) Fika!

Or in these days of COVID, virtual fika! Fikas are basically a Swedish coffee break, but the main purpose is to have conversations with friends, co-workers and in your case: network connections. Use those connections that you made through LinkedIn to meet people within your field! Meet them in person, or through Zoom. Check out some helpful informational interview questions and discover what you’ll need to get a job like theirs one day. And who knows, they might refer you!

3) Use all the free resources available to you

There are tons of services you can use to help you in your search. Did you ever hear of Jobbspranget, Nema Problema or Mitt Liv? They’re all organizations where you can get a mentor to help you with your career., and they're all free! The Newbie Guide is a perfect resource to explore and find different services that can help you.

4) Learn the language!

Trust me, I know how hard this is! There are plenty of English-speaking positions available in Sweden, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to all the Swedish language positions available. Open up your job pool by learning Swedish. Augment your Swedish learning from SFI and elsewhere with free workshops and participating in Swedish kompis (friend) programs! This is a long term plan, but if you have the time (and finances) to do it, it’ll be well worth it. You can check out the Newbie Guide or Information Sverige to find programs all over Sweden.

5) Improve your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Whether you rely on a CV or your LinkedIn profile, you’ll still need to describe your experience in a way that’ll attract attention. Did you know that the average recruiter/hiring manager spends an average of 7 seconds per CV? There are plenty of ways to keep their attention for longer, but you'll need to invest the time on your profile to make that happen! (We actually offer a 2 hour webinar with plenty of tips and tricks from an experienced recruiter. Check it out here.)

6) Write a good cover letter

Believe it or not, plenty of hiring managers will read a well-written (and concise!) cover letter. Take the time to write a good one! Research the company you’re applying to and make sure it’s clear to them what assets you can bring to the position. Try to think like the employer; that’s the best-kept secret in job-hunting! Think like they do and use that perspective to your advantage.

7) Invest the time!

Unfortunately this is the one that many newcomers realize too late. Finding a job in Sweden can take time. To learn the language, make the right connections, develop a great CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter (the necessary trinity for any job application!), acing your job interview…these are all components to finding a job that can take a long time. The good news is that you can constantly improve yourself while you wait! Apply for specific training you might need, or try to learn the language faster, and make as many connections as you can while you apply!

If you need any additional help or have any questions, check out our blog or reach out to me at Talk to you soon!

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